IBPS SO Prelims 2019:

The selection process of IBPS SO involves 3 stages namely the Preliminary exam, mains exam and the final interview. As the prelims exam is the first stage, first focus on its preparation and practice. Because the competition will be very huge for the announced vacancy of 1163. So practice with the IBPS SO prelims mock test to enhance your performance in the exam. You will gain enough confidence after a frequent mock test practice.
IBPS SO Prelims Mock Test As Per the Actual Exam Pattern:
Knowing the exam pattern is very much important. So that you can prepare an exam strategy of your choice. For that you must practice more mock tests based on the similar patterns. The IBPS SO prelims mock test is prepared based on the actual exam pattern, syllabus, negative marking and sectional timings. So that you will get a feel of attending the real exam, when you take mock test each time. There are 2 types of IBPS SO prelims exam pattern based upon the post. Both the patterns are added here for your reference. So take IBPS SO prelims mock tests according to these patterns.
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Importance of IBPS SO Prelims Mock Test:
Taking IBPS SO prelims mock test has many benefits for you. It will make so easy for you to clear the prelims exam. As you practice more questions, you can handle the exam easily.
  • The most important factors such as speed and accuracy can be improved only through the mock test practice. Every time when you attend the test your time taken for each question will decrease gradually in a flow. This will help you to do the tests in a speedy manner.
  • Also in case of accuracy, you will eliminate the careless mistakes after a series of mock test practice. So your accuracy will be automatically improved.
  • Then you can attain the time management skills through the mock test practice. Also the selection of questions is the most important factor in time management. After series of mock test practice you can judge easily by seeing the question, whether to skip or attend it.
  • You can check answers for all the questions, after the end of mock test. Also in the performance analysis report your speed, accuracy and time taken for each question are displayed. From that you can compare your performance to that of topper candidate.

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Why IBPS SO Prelims Mock Test Practice?
IBPS SO prelims mock test will be useful for you to fine tune your performance in each section. Especially you can know your real speed in solving puzzles, seating arrangements and tricky application sums. From this you can analyze that in which part you lag in speed. Especially for puzzles and seating arrangements there will be several probability cases while solving. To solve them quickly, you must practice the IBPS SO prelims mock test. With time constraints you will try to solve it even faster. Also you can experience more exam point of view questions.

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So candidates practice IBPS SO prelims mock test to clear the exam against the huge competition.