Practice English Questions (Cloze Test) for SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO Exam

Practice English Questions (Cloze Test) for SSC CGL , CHSL Exam Set-102:
Dear Readers, Practice English Questions for upcoming SSC CGL,CHSL Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.

Direction (01 to 10): In the follow in passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers  are printed below the passage and against  each, five words  are suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately.find out the appropriate words.
 The tea plant, a native of southern china, was known (1) Very early times of Chinese botany and medicine. It is (2) in the  classics (3) the various names Tou, Tseh,Chung, Kha and Ming and was (4) Praised for possessing the virtues of (5) fatigue, delighting the soul, strengthening the will and repairing the eyesight. It was not only administered as an internal dose, but often  (6) externally in the form of paste to  (7) rheumatic  pains. The  Taoists claimed it (8) an important  (9) of the elixir of immortality. The Buddhists used it extensively to prevent drowsiness during (10) long  hours of meditation
a)   to
b)   after
c)   from
d)   beyond
e)   behind
a)   taken
b)   resorted
c)   awarded
d)   alluded
e)   introduced
a)   under
b)   between
c)   among
d)   besides
e)   like
a)   rarely
b)   loosely
c)   under
d)   severely
e)   highly

a)   absorbing
b)   relieving
c)   avoiding
d)   resolving
e)   recognizing
a)   inserted
b)   developed
c)   conceived
d)   controlled
e)   applied
a)   recuperate
b)   alleviate
c)   conceal
d)   indicate
e)   slow
a)   to
b)   also
c)   although
d)   as
e)   hardly
a)   ingredient
b)   aspect
c)   offshoot
d)   outcome
e)   discovery
a)   that
b)   these
c)   their
d)   our
e)   remote

Answers :
1).c)   2).e)   3).a)   4).e)   5).b)   6).e)   7).b)   8).d)   9).a)   10).c)

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