Indian Constitution and Polity FAQ GK Question for SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO Exam

Indian Constitution and Polity FAQ  GK Question and Answers Set-42:
The list of Indian Polity GK Questions is given here for SSC CGL, CHSL and all other competitive Exams. Those who are all preparing for the SSC Exams can use this Material

1). When did the Constituent Assembly adopt the National Flag?
Answer: 22nd July 1947

2). What is the duration of the National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana”?
Answer: nominated mem-bers of both the House

3). Under whom are the powers of the Union Executive as per the Constitution?
Answer: President of India

4). When was the Rajya Sabha first Constituted?
Answer: 3 April, 1952

5). Taxes on services, was enshrined in the Constitution by which amendment?
Answer: 88th Amendment

6). By which Constitutional Amendment was Delhi given the status of National Capital Territory?
Answer: 69th Amendment

7). Under which part of the Constitution are provisions of municipalities mentioned?
Answer:  Part  IX

8). In which year, was the Constituent assembly of India constituted?
Answer:  1946

9). Out of 389 members is the Constituent Assembly, how many were from the Provinces?
Answer: 296

10). When President of India resigns from office, to whom does he address his resignation letter?

Answer: Vice - President

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