Economics and Commerce- GK Quiz for SSC CGL,CHSL CPO Exam

Economics and Commerce –
Economics and Commerce –GK Quiz for SSC CGL,CHSL / Railway Exam Set-40:
List of Important GK questions from Economics and Commerce for SSC exam were given here. Candidates those who are all preparing for SSC, Railway Exam and all other competitive exams can use this material.

1). In the United Nations, who decides the quantum of contribution of each member to the income resources of the UN ?
a)   Trusteeship Council
b)   Economic and Social Council
c)   Security Council
d)   General Assembly

2). Economic survey is published by
a)   Ministry of Finance
b)   Planning Commission
c)   Government of India
d)   Indian Statistical Institute

3). The ‘Slack Season’ in the Indian Economy is
a)   March - April
b)   September - December
c)   January - June
d)   February - April

4). Inflation implies
a)   rise in budget deficit
b)   rise in money supply
c)   rise in general price index
d)   rise in prices of consumer goods

5). Which among the following formulates fiscal policy?
a)   RBI
b)   Finance Ministry
c)   SEBI
d)   Planning Commission

6). The World Bank and IMF gives respectively
a)   long term and short term credits
b)   short term and long term credits
c)   both long term credits
d)   both short term credits

7). ISO – 9000 certificate is a stringent quality control standard for electronic goods that are essential for any Indian exporter to compete in International markets. It is issued by the
a)   Bureau of Indian Standards
b)   British Standards Institution
c)   UN Exports Agency
d)   International Organization for Standardisation

8). In a landmark move, which of these state governments has set up a Savarna Aayog, a commission to identify the deprived and underprivileged families among upper castes?
a)   Uttar Pradesh
b)   Bihar
c)   Madhya Pradesh
d)   Rajasthan

9). Which of the following committess was assigned to recommend reforms in the insurance sector ?
a)   Rekhi Committee
b)   Nadkarni Committee
c)   Malhotra Committee
d)   Chelliah Committee

10). Which of the following is at the apex of Industrial Finance in India ?
a)   Industrial Finance Corporation
b)   Reserve Bank of India
c)   Industrial Development Bank of India
d)   Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India

1). d)  2). a)  3). a)  4). d)  5). a)  6). a)  7). a)  8). b)  9). a)  10). c)

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