Science Chemistry - GK Quiz for SSC/Railway Exams

Science Chemistry - GK Quiz for SSC/Railway Exams
Science Chemistry - GK Quiz for SSC/Railway Exams Set-32: 
The List of Important GK questions from general science were given here for SSC and Railway Examinations, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC/FCI/Railway Exam can use this material

1).Which is the chief nitrogenous waste in humans?
a)    Ammonia
b)    Urea
c)    Uric acid
d)    Ammonium nitrate

2).Which of the following alloys is used for making magnets
a)    Duralumin
b)    Stainless steel
c)    Alnico
d)    Magnalium

3).Aapirin is
a)    Methoxy Benzonic acid
b)    Methyl Salicylate
c)    Acetyl Salicytic acid
d)    Phenyl Salicylate

4).Which of the following is the petroleum wax?
a)    Bees wax
b)    Carnauba wax
c)    Paraffin wax
d)    Jojoba wax

5).Which of the following laws validates the statement that matter can neither be created nor destroyed?
a)    Law of conservation of energy
b)    Le Chatelier’s Principle
c)    Law of conservation of mass
d)    Law of osmosis

6).The fourth state of matter is known as
a)    Gas
b)    Vapour
c)    Plasma
d)    Electrons

7).What is a bio-fertllizer?
a)    Urea
b)    Azotobacter
c)    Ammonium Sulphate
d)    Muriate of Potash

8).Which of the following metals form an amalgam with other metals?
a)    Load
b)    Tin
c)    Zin
d)    Mercury

9).Which compound is obtained from the ash of sea weeds?
a)    NaCl
b)    NaOH
c)    Na2CO3
d)    CaOCI2

10).The element used in the manufacture of safety matches is
a)    Phosphorus
b)    Magnesium
c)    Silicon
d)    Sulphur

1). c) 2).c) 3).c) 4).c) 5).c) 6).c) 7).a) 8).d) 9).c) 10).a)

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