Indian Constitution and Polity GK Question for SSC/RRB Exam

Indian Constitution and Polity GK Question
Indian Constitution and Polity GK Question and Answers Set-38:
The list of Indian Polity GK Questions is given here for RRB / SSC and all other competitive Exams. Those who are all preparing for the SSC Exams can use this Material

1). The first finance commission was constituted in
a)   1950
b)   1951
c)   1952
d)   1954
e)   None of these

2). 13th finance commission has been constituted under the chairmanship of
a)   Y S P Thorat
b)   Montek singh Ahluwaliya
c)   C rangrajan
d)   Vijay L kelkar
e)   None of these

3). Which one of the following is the subject of concurrent list?
a)   police
b)   criminal matters
c)   radio and television
d)   foreign affairs
e)   None of these

4). The distribution of finance between centre and states is done on the recommendation of
a)   finance ministry
b)   finance commission
c)   RBI
e)   None of these

5). While proclamation of emergency is in operation, the term of the lok sabha can be extended for a period not exceeding
a)   six weeks
b)   three months
c)   six months
d)   one year
e)   None of these

6). Who among the following leaders was instrumental in the formation of the congress socialist party?
a)   PC Joshi
b)   Subhaash Candra Bose
c)   Acharya Narendra Dev
d)   Ram Manohar Lohia
e)   None of these

7). Which of the following rights was described by Dr.BR Ambedkar as ‘The Heart and soul of the Constitution’?
a)   Right of Freedom of Religion
b)   Right of Property
c)   Right of Equality
d)   Right to Constitutional Remedies
e)   None of these

8). Which of the following appointments is not made by the president of India?
a)   Speaker of the Lok Sabha
b)   Chief Justice of India
c)   Chief of the Air Force
d)   Chief of the Army
e)   None of these

9). Who among the following has the power to form a new state within the Union of India?
a)   President
b)   Prime Minister
c)   Supreme Court
d)   Parliament
e)   None of these

10). Which of the following Chief Justice of India has acted as President of India?
a)   M Hidayatullah
b)   P B Gajendra Gadkar
c)   P N Bhagwati
d)   All of the above
e)   None of these

1) b)  2) d)  3) b)  4) b)  5) d)  6) c)  7) d)  8) a)  9) d)  10) a)

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