History –GK FAQ for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL / Railway Exam

History –GK FAQ for SSC CGL / Railway Exam Set-39:
The lists of important GK questions from Indian History were given here with answers. Candidates those who are all preparing for the SSC, Railway and all other competitive examinations can use this material

1). Patamjali is known for the compilation of ______?
Answer:  Yoga Sutra

2). Which Veda contains an account of magical charms and spells?
Answer: Atharava Veda

3). In ancient India, the earliest capital of Magadh kingdom was at ?
Answer: Rajgir (Girivaraja)

 4). A Buddhist council during the reign of Ashoka was held at _____?
Answer: Pataliputra

5). Where did Lord Buddha breathed his last?
Answer: Kushinagar

6). Who founded the independent Sultante of Bengal?
Answer: Murshid Quli Khan

7). Who is also known as Nigantha Natoputra?
Answer: Vardhman Mahavira

8). Chinese traveller Hiuen – Tsang studied, at which university?
Answer: Nalanda

9). Under which system of assessment, the Britishers collected revenue directly from the farmers?
Answer: Ryotwari

10). Who started the public works Department in India (1848)?
Answer: Lord Dalhousie

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