Economics and Commerce- FAQ for SSC CGL,CHSL / Railway Exam

Economics and Commerce –
Economics and Commerce –FAQ for SSC CGL,CHSL / Railway Exam Set-38:
List of Important GK questions from Economics and Commerce for SSC exam were given here. Candidates those who are all preparing for SSC, Railway Exam and all other competitive exams can use this material.

1). The foreign exchange reserves of India Include
a)   SDRs
b)   Foreign currencies
c)   Gold
d)   Al the above

2). The Price rise has been almost continuous since
a)   1951
b)   1911
c)   1939
d)   1947

3). Which of the following is not a direct tax?
a)   Wealth tax
b)   Corporation tax
c)   Estate tax
d)   Sales tax

4). What is the ‘Joint sector’ In India?
a)   A commodity produced by both public and private sectors is said to be in the joint sector
b)   It is an enterprise owned jointly by an Indian and a foreign company
c)   It is an enterprise owned jointly by the private and public sectors
d)   It is a venture in which the Government has more than a 50 per cent share

5). Core Industries include
a)   Industries catering to defence requirements
b)   Basic industries
c)   Critical industries
d)   All the above

6). The most Important small-scale Industry in India is that of
a)   Handloom
b)   Textiles
c)   Jute
d)   Jewellary

7). Legal tender in India includes
a)   Note issued by the Finance Ministry
b)   Note issued by RBI only
c)   Gold and notes
d)   Coins and Bank notes

8). Bank rate is the rate at which
a)   The Reserve Bank of india gives credit to commercial banks
b)   A bank lends to the public
c)   The Reserve Bank of  India lends to the Public
d)   The Government of India lends to other countries

9). Who controls the activities of Indigenous bankers?
a)   Reserve Bank of India
b)   Lead Banks
c)   Regional Rural Banks
d)   None of these

10). In which plan was the growth rate target exceeded?
a)   Sixth
b)   Fifth
c)   First
d)   In none


1).d)    2).c)   3).d)    4).c)   5).c)    6).a)   7).d)    8).a)   9).d)    10).c) 

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