Science - Physics GK Quiz - for Railway / SSC Exam

Science - Physics GK Quiz - for RRB/SSC Exam
Science - Physics GK Quiz - for SSC / Railway Exam Set-40:
The list of Important Gk Questions from science physics were given here. Candidates those who are all preparing for SSC / FCI and All other competitive examination can use this material.

 1).Who invented the electric battery ?
a)    Volta
b)    Davy
c)    Faraday
d)    Newton

2).Which of the following is a vector quantity?
a)    temperature
b)    Energy
c)    Momentum
d)    Force

3).A fisherman on the bank of the pond is attempting to spear a fish He should
a)    Aim below the fish
b)    Aim directly at fish
c)    Aim above the fish
d)    None of the above

4).Four metallic balls have been kept in sunlight. Which will be hottest ?
a)    Black
b)    White
c)    Red
d)    Blue

5).An air bubble in water behaves as
a)    Convex lens
b)    Concave lens
c)    Convex mirror
d)    Cancave mirror

6).What is condensation ?
a)    Change from vapour to water
b)    Change from water to vapour
c)    Change from solid to liquid
d)    Change from liquid to solid

7).A fuse wire is made of
a)    Copper and iron
b)    Lead and tin
c)    Copper and tin
d)    Copper and lead

8).The voice of a woman is sharper than man because
a)    The pitch of woman’s voice is more
b)    The pitch of woman’s voice is less
c)    The pitch of man’s voice is more
d)    None of the above

9).Inventor of thermometer is
a)    Galileo
b)    Newton
c)    Fahrenheit
d)    None of these

10).Seismograph is used for the measurement of
a)    rainfall
b)    intensity of earthquake
c)    position of aeroplane
d)    viscosity of the fliuds

1). a) 2). d) 3). a) 4). a) 5). b) 6). a) 7). b) 8). a) 9). c) 10). b)

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