Practice Reasoning Questions SSC CGL, SSC CHSL / Railway Exams

Practice Reasoning Questions SSC CGL, SSC CHSL / Railway Exams Set-10:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions for SSC CGL,SSC CHSL / RRB Exam was given here, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this material.

1).Arrange the following words according to the English Dictionary:
             i.        Apple
           ii.        Appreciate
          iii.        Apply
          iv.        Apartment

a)    v. i, ii, Iv, iii
b)    v, iii, I, ii, iv
c)    v, i, iii, iv, ii
d)    v, i, iv ,iii, ii
Directions (2-3): In each of the following questions, which one of the given  ‘responses would be meaningful order of the following words in ascending order?

2).(i) Hut        (ii) House       (iii) Palace     (iv) Bungalow
a)    iv, iii, i, ii
b)    Ii, i, iv, iii
c)    i, iv, iii, ii
d)    i, ii, iv, iii

3).(i) Point     (ii) Triangle    (iii) Square     (iv) Angle       (v) Line
a)    iv, i, v, ii, iii
b)    Iii, ii, i, v, iv
c)    Ii, i, iv, v, iii
d)    i, v, iv, ii, iii

4). Which one set of letters whom sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?
a)    YYXY
b)    YXYX
c)    XYYX
d)    YYXX
Directions (5-10): In each of the following questions, choose the correct alternative from the given ones that complete the series

5).T, R, P, N, L,?, ?
a)    J, G
b)    J,H
c)    K, H
d)    K, I

6).CDE, IJK, NOP,?
a)    FGH
b)    RST
c)    TUV
d)    QRS

7).1, 49. 121,?, 289
a)    529
b)    169
c)    329
d)    225

8).0, 2, 6, 12, 20,?, 42
a)    34
b)    30
c)    32
d)    28

9).Find the Wrong number in the given series.
      8, 16, 24, 40, 62,104. 168
a)    24
b)    40
c)    62
d)    104

10).pointing to Mala, Kala said, “she is my brother’s only sister’s daughter’ How is Mala related to Kala?
a)    Mother
b)    Daughter
c)    Aunt
d)    Niece
11. If Ram runs less fast than Shyam and Shyam runs as fast as Lal but less fast than Tom. Who runs fastest?
a)    Lal
b)    Shyam
c)    Tom
d)    Tom and Lal

1).d)  2).d ) 3). d) 4). d) 5).b ) 6).b ) 7).b ) 8).b ) 9).c ) 10).b)  11). c)

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