Practice English Questions (Sentence Improvement) for SSC CGL, CHSL Exam

Practice English Questions (Sentence Improvement) for SSC CGL , CHSL Exam Set-96:
Dear Readers, Practice English Questions for upcoming SSC CGL,CHSL Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.

Directions(1-12): In the following questions, a part of the sentence I printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.  In case no improvement is needed, your answer is d)

1).At an early age, he had made his mark as a teacher
a)    Made his mark
b)    Makes his mark
c)    Made his markings
d)    No improvement

2).I have hardly any money
a)    With difficulty
b)    not
c)    hard
d)    No improvement

3).I had my ears bored so I could wear my diamond earrings
a)    holed
b)    pricked
c)    pierced
d)    No improvement

4).It is interesting to correspond the history of the 19th century with its literature
a)    corroborate
b)    correlate
c)    command
d)    No improvement

5).Didn’t Mr. Sharma come to the office yet?
a)    Hadn’t
b)    Hasn’t
c)    Isn’t
d)    No improvement

6).He can’t read this, nor can I
a)    No, I never can
b)    No, I can’t
c)    No. I don’t
d)    No improvement

7).I bought four dozen of mangoes
a)    Dozens of mango
b)    Dozens of mangocs
c)    Dozens mangoes
d)    No improvement

8).The master was good at using pleasant names for unpleasant things is order to hoodwink the labourers
a)    euphemisms
b)    euphoria
c)    pleasantries
d)    No improvement

9).They had to put off until later the open-air performance because of heavy rain
a)    Postpone
b)    delay
c)    adjourn
d)    No improvement

10).Dozens of phrases can be offered to describe style but perhaps the best one is : “style –it is the man”
a)    But the best one is: “Style-it is the man.”
b)    But perhaps the best one is: “Style is the man.”
c)    But the best one is: “Style is the man.”
d)    No improvement

11).They have bought a new car, isn’t it?
a)    Haven’t they?
b)    Don’t they?
c)    Have they?
d)    No improvement

12).Only a few persons can stand on entreaties
a)    Against
b)    With
c)    In
d)    No improvement

1).a)  2).d)  3).c)  4).b)  5).b)  6).d)  7).d)  8).a)  9). a) 10). a) 11). a) 12).d)

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