Indian Constitution and Polity GK Question for SSC/RRB Exam

Indian Constitution and Polity GK Question
Indian Constitution and Polity GK Question and Answers Set-36:
The list of Indian Polity GK Questions is given here for RRB / SSC and all other competitive Exams. Those who are all preparing for the SSC Exams can use this Material

1).Who summons the State legislature?
a)    The Chief Minster
b)    The Governor
c)    The President
d)    The Speaker

2).In India the election commission works under
a)    Ministry of law
b)    Prime Minister’s Secretariat
c)    It is an autonomous body
d)    Ministry of Home Affairs

3).India is a Sovereign
a)    Democratic Government
b)    Republic Government
c)    Socialist Secular Democratic Republic Government
d)    Democratic Republic Government

4).How Indian citizenship is acquired?
a)    By birth
b)    By registration
c)    By marriage
d)    All the above

5).To whom are mercy petitions addressed?
a)    The Governor
b)    The President
c)    Chief Justice of Supreme Court
d)    The Prime Minister

6).What is the important function of Parliament?
a)    Governing
b)    Law-making
c)    Collection taxes
d)    Criticising Government

7).Money bill can be introduced
a)    Only in the Lok Sabha
b)    Only in the Rajya Sabha
c)    Both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
d)    None of these

8).Which Amendment of the Indian Constitution inserted two words- ‘Socialist’ and ‘Secular’ in the preamble?
a)    42nd
b)    28th
c)    52nd
d)    30th

9).Who among the following can participate in the proceedings of Parliament?
a)    The Chief Election Commissioner
b)    The Attorney General
c)    The Governors of States
d)    None of these

10).Who can declare a law as null and void?
a)    Sessions court
b)    High Court
c)    Supreme Court
d)    None of these

1).b ) 2).c ) 3).c ) 4).a ) 5).b ) 6).b ) 7).a ) 8).a ) 9).b ) 10).c )

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