Geography - GK Quiz for Railway / SSC CGL, CHSL Exams

Geography - GK Quiz for SSC/FCI Exams
Geography GK Quiz for Railway / SSC CGL, CHSL Exams Set-33:
The List of Important GK questions from Geography for RRB/SSC Exams were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC and all other competitive Exams can use this material.

1).In which state do women and number men?
a)    Tamil Nadu
b)    Kerala
c)    Nagaland
d)    Maharashtra

2).Who are believed to be the oldest inhabitants of India?
a)    Mediterraneans
b)    Negritos
c)    Nordies
d)    Mongoloids

3).Consider the following statements about the roaring forties
                      I.        They below uninterrupted in the Northern and Southern hemisphere
                    II.        They below with great strength and Constancy
                   III.        There direction is generally from North-west to east in Southern hemisphere
                  IV.        Over east skies, rain and raw weather are generally associated with them
        Which of the statements are correct?
a)    I ,II & IV
b)    I,II & III
c)    II, III & IV
d)    I, III & IV

4).Consider the following statements
                      I.        Most Magma are a combination of liquid, solid and gas
                    II.        Water vapour and Carbon-di-oxide are the principal gases dissolved in a Magma
                   III.        Basaltic Magma, is hotter than that Silicic Magma
                  IV.        The Magma solidified between sedimentary rocks in a horizontal position is known as dike
Select the correct answer
a)    I & IV
b)    I, II & III
c)    II, III & IV
d)    I, II & IV

5).The average elevation of Tibetian Platesu above sea level is
a)    2 km
b)    4 km
c)    3 km
d)    5 km

6).The Indian wild ass, largely confined is the Rann of Kutch, is fast becoming as endangered species because of
a)    Insufficient vegetation
b)    Large Scale domestication
c)    Excessive depredation
d)    Poaching

7).Which one of the following sea is without a coast line?
a)    White Sea
b)    Saragossa Sea
c)    Sea of Okhotsh
d)    Tasmania Sea

8).Which one of the following regions of Asia is experiencing the highest annual growth rate of population?
a)    South Asia
b)    South East Asia
c)    Central Asia
d)    West Asia

9).The correct sequence of the given planets in increasing order of their distance from the Sun is
a)    Venus, Mecury, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn
b)    Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter
c)    Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn
d)    Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter

10).The New Population Bomb refers is
a)    An increases in the population of the aged in the Third World
b)    Deluge of soviet emigrants
c)    Large Scale distress migration in the Third World
d)    Rapidly growing Urban population in the Third World

1).b ) 2).b ) 3).a ) 4).b ) 5).b ) 6).c ) 7).b ) 8).d ) 9).c ) 10).d )

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