Science - Physics GK Quiz - for Railway / SSC Exam

Science - Physics GK Quiz - for RRB/SSC Exam
Science - Physics GK Quiz - for SSC / Railway Exam Set-38:
The list of Important Gk Questions from science physics were given here. Candidates those who are all preparing for SSC / FCI and All other competitive examination can use this material.

1). Ohm’s law does not apply to which of the following ?
a)    AC Circuits
b)    Conductors
c)    Semi Conductors
d)    None of these

2). Which of the following is used in oven?
a)    X-rays
b)    UV-rays
c)    Microwaves
d)    Radiowaves

3). SPM stands for
a)    Standards Particles Material
b)    Suspended Paticulate Matter
c)    Suspended Particles Material
d)    None of the above

4). Potential is Measured in
a)    Watt
b)    Joule
c)    Joule / Coulomb
d)    Newton-second
5). An instrument used to measure humidity is
a)    Anemometer
b)    Hygrometer
c)    Thermometer
d)    Pyrheliometer

6). Electron microscope was invented by
a)    Knoll and Ruska
b)    Robert Koch
c)    Leeuwenhock
d)    CPS Wanson

7). Optical fibers are based on the phenomena of
a)    Dispersion
b)    Interference
c)    Total internal Reflection
d)    Diffraction

8). For Measuring very high temperature, we use
a)    Mercury thermometer
b)    Thermoelectric Pyrometer
c)    Platinum resistance thermometer
d)    None of the above

9). Bat can fly in dark because they
a)    Have strong waves
b)    Have sharp eyes
c)    Produce ultrasonic waves
d)    Are natural

10). Curie is a unit of
a)    Energy of gamma rays
b)    Half life
c)    Intensity of gamma rays
d)    Radioactivity


1).c)   2).c)   3).b)   4).c)   5).b)   6).a)   7).c)   8).d)   9).c)   10).d)   

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