Science Biology – GK Quiz for SSC / Railway Exam

Science Biology – GK Quiz
Science Biology – GK Quiz for SSC / Railway Exam Set-31:
The lists of Important GK Questions from Biology were given here for SSC and all other competitive Exams. Candidates those who are all preparing for these exams can use this material.

1).The Universal recipient blood group is
a)    O
b)    AB
c)    A
d)    B

2).A person with which one of the following blood group is considered a universal donor?
e)    O
f)     AB
g)    B
h)    A

3).Quinine, the commonly used drug for malaria, is obtained from a plant what part of the plant yield the drug?
a)    Stem bark
b)    fruit
c)    leaves
d)    root

4).The cell undergoing a reduction division is called
a)    meiocyte
b)    oocyte
c)    germ cell
d)    meiospore

5).The number of chromosomes in a normal human body cell is
a)    44
b)    43
c)    45
d)    46

6).In human beings, sex is determined by the sex chromosomes X and Y. what would, then, be the genetic constitution of a normal woman?
a)    XY
b)    YY
c)    XX
d)    XO

7).The deficiency of Vitamin A causes
a)    Hair to fall
b)    dysentery
c)    night blindness
d)    weakness

8).Jaundice results from the malfunctioning of the
a)    lungs
b)    kidney
c)    liver
d)    stomach

9).Excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks causes damage to the
a)    heart
b)    lungs
c)    kidney
d)    liver

10).Which of the following is a substance abundantly available in the sea and administrated in a certain deficiency disease?
a)    Vitamin A
b)    iodine
c)    flourine
d)    iron

1). b) 2). a) 3). a) 4). a) 5). d) 6). c) 7). c) 8). c) 9). d) 10). b)

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