History –GK Quiz for SSC/ Railway Exam

History –GK Quiz for SSC/ Railway Exam Set-34:
The lists of important GK questions from Indian History were given here with answers. Candidates those who are all preparing for the SSC, Railway and all other competitive examinations can use this material

1). ‘India War of Independence 1857’ is written by
a)    S N Sen
b)    R C Majumdar
c)    V D Savarkar
d)    S B Chaudhari

2). The Vijay Satambha (Tower of Victory) at Chittor was built by
a)    Rana Pratap
b)    Rana Kumbha
c)    Rana Sanga
d)    Bappa Raval

3). Who was the founder editor of the famous newspaper Kesari during the National struggle?
a)    Mahatma Gandhi
b)    Jawaharlal Nehru
c)    Lokmanya Tilak
d)    Mohammad Iqbal
4). The Ghadar Movement was founded by
a)    Ajit Singh
b)    Lala Hansraj
c)    Lala Hardayal
d)    None of these

5). The book ‘Unto This last’ which influenced Gandhi was authored by
a)    Boris Yeltsin
b)    John Ruskin
c)    Pushkin
d)    Ruskin Bond

6). Which among the following is the sacred book of the Buddhists?
a)    Upanishad
b)    Vedas
c)    Tripitaka
d)    Aranyak

7). Budha Means
a)    The Enlightened one
b)    The religious preacher
c)    The genius
d)    The powerful

8). The date 6 april, 1930 is known in Indian History for
a)    Dandi March by Mahatma Gandhi
b)    First Round Table Conference
c)    Gandhi-Irwin Pact
d)    Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

9). Who had founded the Independent Leaque?
a)    Moti Lal Nehru
b)    Mahatma Gandhi
c)    Ras Bihari Bose
d)    Lala Lajpat Rai

10). Which one among the following is regarded as the Magna Carta of Indian Education?
a)    Wood’s Despatch
b)    Hunter Commission
c)    Sadler Commission
d)    Wardha Scheme

1). c)   2). b)   3). c)   4). c)   5). b)   6). c)   7). a)   8). a)   9). a)   10). a)  

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