General Awareness Quiz – For Railway/SSC Exams

General Awareness Quiz – For Railway and SSC Exams Set-46:
The List of General Awareness questions and answers for SSC and RRB Exams. Candidates those who are all preparing for RRB/SSC and other competitive exams can use this material.

1).If the wollen cloth of red colour is seen in the light of a mercury vapour lamp, then the cloth will appaear
a)    black
b)    red
c)    green
d)    blue

2).The sex of a newborn baby is determined by the chromosome inherited from
a)    The mother
b)    The father
c)    Mother’s mother
d)    Father’s father

3).’Dumping’ in the context of international trade refers to
a)    Exporting goods at prices below the actual cost of production
b)    Exporting goods without paying the appropriate taxes in the receiving country
c)    Exporting goods of inferior quality
d)    Exporting goods only to re – import them at cheaper rates

4).The degree of inflation is measured with the help of
a)    Market information
b)    Income index number
c)    General price index number
d)    Prices of goods and services

5).What is the function of the I / O units of a computer system?
a)    To initialize the process of recovery of data of the crashed computer
b)    To exchange the information of windows with CPU
c)    To reset or restart the computer when it is booted
d)    To exchange the information of Computer with the outside world

6).Which space – vehicle put man on the moon first time?
a)    Apollo
b)    Challenger
c)    Columbia
d)    Explorer

7).Where is the headquarters of INTERPOL located?
a)    Berlin
b)    California
c)    Lyons
d)    Montreal

8).On which of the following days the World Human Rights Day is celebrated?
a)    December 3
b)    December 10
c)    December 17
d)    December 25

9).Parliament of which of the following countries is known as Great People’s Khural?
a)    Malaysia
b)    Mongolia
c)    Thailand
d)    Indonesia

10).Who composed the music for India’s National Anthem?
a)    Rabindranath Tagore
b)    Air Force Band
c)    Ram Singh
d)    None of these

1). a) 2). b) 3). a) 4). c) 5). d) 6). a) 7). c) 8). b) 9). b) 10). c)

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