Economics and Commerce –GK Quiz for SSC CGL / Railway Exam

Economics and Commerce –
Economics and Commerce –GK Quiz for SSC CGL / Railway Exam Set-33:
List of Important GK questions from Economics and Commerce for SSC exam were given here. Candidates those who are all preparing for SSC, Railway Exam and all other competitive exams can use this material.

1).Which plan gave emphasis on removal of poverty for the first time?
a)    Fourth
b)    Fifth
c)    Sixth
d)    Seventh

2). The Blue Revolution is related with
a)    Fish production
b)    Food grain production
c)    Oilseed production
d)    Milk production

3).SDR stands for
a)    State Drawing Rights
b)    Special Drawing Rights
c)    Special Dollar Rights
d)    Specific Dollar Rights

4).Who had estimated National Income in India first?
a)    Dadabhai Naoroji
b)    RC Dutt
c)    VKRV Rao
d)    DR Gadgil

5).The planning commission of India is
a)    A constitutional body
b)    A statutory body
c)    A non – statutory body
d)    An independent and autonomous body

6).The 2011 census could be the
a)    13th census
b)    14th census
c)    15th census
d)    16th census

7).’Higher than Hopes’ is a biography of
a)    Mother Teresa
b)    Nelson Mandela
c)    Bishop Tutu
d)    None of the above

8).Who coined the term ‘Hindu rate of growth’ for Indian Economy?
a)    AK Sen
b)    Kirit S parikh
c)    Raj Krishna
d)    Montek Singh Ahluwalia

9).Net National Product (NNP) of a country is
a)    GDP minus depreciation allowances
b)    GDP plus net income from abroad
c)    GNP minus net income from abroad
d)    GNP minus depreciation allowances

10).In which one of year ‘Rolling Plan’ was in operation in India?
a)    1968 - 69
b)    1978 - 79
c)    1988 - 89
d)    1990 - 91

1). a) 2). a) 3). b) 4). a) 5). c) 6). c) 7). b) 8). c) 9). d) 10). b)

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