Science - Physics GK Quiz - for RRB/SSC Exam

Science - Physics GK Quiz
Science - Physics GK Quiz - for SSC/RRB Exam Set-33:
The list of Important Gk Questions from science physics were given here. Candidates those who are all preparing for SSC / FCI and All other competitive examination can use this material.

1).From the following statements write down that which does not represent Ohm’s low
a)    Current / potential difference = constant
b)    potential difference / Current = constant
c)    Current = resistance x potential difference
d)    None of these

2).A continuous and closed path of an electric current is.
a)    Electric circuit
b)    Electric field
c)    Electric loop
d)    Electric force

3).The net charge flowing through a cross – section of a conductor in unit time is called
a)    potential
b)    current
c)    power
d)    resistance

4).The direction of electric current is
a)    the direction of flow of atoms
b)    the direction of electrons
c)    the direction of the flow of positive charges
d)    direction of charges

5).The unit of charge is
a)    volt
b)    newton
c)    ohm
d)    coulomb

6).How many electrons constitute one coulomb of charge?
a)    6 × 1018
b)    1.6 × 1018
c)    1.6 × 10-19
d)    6.25 × 1018C

7).The electric current is expressed in
a)    coulomb
b)    ampere
c)    ohm
d)    volt

8).A difference of electric pressure is called
a)    current
b)    potential difference
c)    resistance
d)    resistivity

9).In metal, electric current is due to flow of
a)    ions
b)    atoms
c)    molecules
d)    electrons

10).1 volt equals
a)    1 joule
b)    1 coulomb / joule
c)    1 joule / coulomb
d)    coulomb

1). c) 2). a) 3). b) 4). c) 5). d) 6).a ) 7).b ) 8).b ) 9).d ) 10). c)

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