Science Chemistry - GK Quiz for SSC/Railway Exams

Science Chemistry - GK Quiz for SSC/Railway Exams
Science Chemistry - GK Quiz for SSC/RRB Exams Set-26: 
The List of Important GK questions from general science were given here for SSC and RRB Examinations, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC/FCI/RRB Exam can use this material

1).The atoms of elements in the same group must have the same
a)    Number of protons
b)    Number of electrons in valence shell
c)    Number of electrons
d)    Number of neutrons

2).The trend in the anionic radii among halide ion is
a)    F - > Cl - > Br - > I -
b)    I - > Br - > Cl - > F -
c)    Cl - > F - > I- > Br-
d)    I - > Cl - > F- > Br-

3).Anaemic patients are deficient in
a)    iron
b)    calcium
c)    magnesium
d)    iodine

4).All acide contain the element
a)    hydrogen
b)    chlorine
c)    sulphur
d)    oxygen

5).Most of the physical and chemical properties are related to
a)    molecular mass
b)    atomic mass
c)    equivalent mass
d)    electronic configuration

6).Cinnabar is an ore of
a)    mercury
b)    copper
c)    lead
d)    iron

7).The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is
a)    carbon dioxide
b)    ethylene
c)    acetylene
d)    ethane

8).The purity of primary gold is
a)    24 carat
b)    32 carat
c)    24 quartz
d)    22 carat

9).Tetra ethyl lead (TEL) is added to Petrol to
a)    Prevent freezing
b)    Increase flash point
c)    Increase boiling point
d)    Increasing anti – knocking rating

10).The first organic compound to be synthesized in the laboratory was
a)    ethylene
b)    acetic acid
c)    methane
d)    urea

1). b) 2). b) 3). a) 4). a) 5). d) 6). a) 7). b) 8). a) 9). d) 10). d)

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