Science Biology – GK Quiz for SSC/RRB Exam

Science Biology – GK Quiz
Science Biology – GK Quiz for SSC/FCI Exam Set-30:
The lists of Important GK Questions from Biology were given here for SSC and all other competitive Exams. Candidates those who are all preparing for these exams can use this material.

1).The Central Tice Research Institute of India is located at
a)    Bangalore
b)    Calcutta
c)    Mysore
d)    Cuttack

2).Which one of the following is a micro element?
a)    nitrogen
b)    chlorine
c)    hydrogen
d)    oxygen

3).The volume of urine produced in an adult human every 24 hours is
a)    3.0 litres
b)    5.0 litres
c)    1.5 litres
d)    1.0 litres

4).The least toxic of nitrogenous wastes is
a)    creatine
b)    creatinine
c)    urea
d)    uric acid

5).The cerebellum
a)    contains the pons
b)    controls the release of melatonin
c)    controls coordination
d)    controls the vital function of respiration and circulation

6).The life span of human red corpusclesis
a)    as long as the individual survives
b)    uncertain
c)    180 days
d)    120 days

7).Venous blood is carried to the lungs for oxygenation by the
a)    Right ventricle
b)    Pulmonary arterio – venous shunt
c)    Pulmonary veins
d)    Pulmonary arteries

8).The transport of organic substances in plants is through
a)    wood
b)    pholem
c)    fibres
d)    xylem

9).Which one of the following plants has the largest flower?
a)    Zinnia
b)    Sunflower
c)    Chrysanthemum
d)    Pafflesia

10).Pollination by insects is called
a)    hydrophily
b)    ornithophily
c)    anemophily
d)    entomophily

1). d) 2). b) 3). c) 4). c) 5). c) 6). d) 7). d) 8). b) 9). d) 10). d)

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