Practice Reasoning (Time and Distance) with Explanations-SSC/RRB Exam

Practice Reasoning Questions with answers
Practice Reasoning Questions (Time and Distance)with Explanations Set-43:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions for SSC/RRB Exam was given here, candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use this material.

1).A man coming out of the back door of his house which is facing East, walked for one kilometer, turned to his right and walked for another kilometer. Then he turned to his right and walked a kilometer again. Where was he from his house at the end?

a)    1 km away in north
b)    1 km away in south
c)    1 km away in east
d)    1 km away in west

2).Two squads of soldiers A and B, facing East and West respectively received the following commands – Left Turn, About Turn, Right Turn, Left Turn. Which directions would the squads A and B face at the end?
a)    East, West
b)    West, East
c)    North, South
d)    South, North

3).Sharada started to move in the direction of south. After moving 15 metres, she turned to her left – twice and moved 15 metres each time. Now how far is she and in which direction from her starting point?
a)    15 m. East
b)    15 m. South
c)    30 m. East
d)    20 m. West

4).Sonia started from her house and travelled 4 km towards east. Then she turned left and travelled 6 km. Then she turned right and travelled 4 km. Now at what distance is she from starting point?
a)    14 km
b)    8 km
c)    5 km
d)    10 km

5).A direction pole was situated on the Road Crossing. Due to an accident, the pole turned in such a manner that the pointer which was showing East, started showing south. Sita, a traveller went to the wrong direction thinking it to be West. In what direction actually she was travelling?
a)    East
b)    South
c)    North
d)    West

6).Ram cycled 10 km southward from his home, turned right and cycled 6 km, turned right, cycled 10 km, turned left and cycled 15 km. How many km will he have cycled to reach straight home?
a)    16 km
b)    20 km
c)    10 km
d)    21 km

7).I went 15 m to the north, then I turned west and covered 10 m, then I turned south and covered 5 m and then turned east and covered 10 m. In which direction and I from the starting point?
a)    East
b)    West
c)    North
d)    South

8).A person moves 400 metres to East. He turns to his left and moves 400 metres. Then again he turns to his left and walks 400 metres. Finally he turns to his right and moves 100 metres. Now how far away in metres, he is from the starting point?
a)    1300
b)    900
c)    800
d)    500

9).A man started to walk East. After moving a distance he turned to his right. After moving a distance he turned to  his right again. After moving a little he turned in the end to his left. In which direction was he going now?
a)    North
b)    South
c)    East
d)    West

10).Ramesh went 20 m to the east, then he turned left and after 15 m turned right and went 25 m and then turned right and went 15 m. How far was Ramesh from the starting point?
a)    60 m
b)    35 m
c)    40 m
d)    45 m.

1). a) 2).d ) 3). a) 4). d) 5). c) 6). d) 7).c ) 8).d ) 9).b ) 10).d )

1). Answer:  a)
2). Answer: d)
3).       It is clear from the diagram that now she is 15 metre East from her starting point.
Answer: a)
4). Required distance = AD = √[(AE)2  + (DE)2]
            = √[(8)2  + (6)2] = √(64 + 36) = √100 = 10 Km
Answer: d)
5). Due to an accident, the pointer showing East, started showing South. It means, the pole has been rotated through 90° clockwise. So, when she was travelling towards West, actually it was North.
Answer: c)
6). Required distance = (15 + 6) km = 21 km
Answer: d)
7). Answer: c)
8). Required distance AE = AD + DE
= (400 + 100) metres
= 500 metres
Answer: d)
9). Answer:b)
10). Required distance = PT = PQ + QT
            = (20 + 25)m = 45m
Answer: d)

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