History –GK Quiz for SSC/RRB Exam

History –GK Quiz for SSC/RRB Exam Set-32:
The lists of important GK questions from Indian History were given here with answers. Candidates those who are all preparing for the SSC, RRB and all other competitive examinations can use this material

1).Alexander died at
a)    Babylon
b)    Patala
c)    Gedrosia
d)    Taxila

2). The original name of the sect which later came to be known as ‘Jaina’ was
a)    Tirthangaras
b)    Jina
c)    Arhant
d)    Nirgranthas

3).What does the word ‘Asoka’ literally mean?
a)    One with a pleasing appearance
b)    Beloved of gods
c)    Slayer of foes
d)    Bereft of sadness

4).The Gupta Age was progressive in all the following fields except
a)    painting
b)    foreign trade
c)    secular literature
d)    scientific endeavour

5).The term ’Sarvadvi Pavasia’ on the Allahabad pillar refers to
a)    Hindu colonies in South – East Asia
b)    Hindus in Maladives and Andaman - Nicobar
c)    Buddhist monks and monasteries in Afghanistan and central Asia
d)    Close relations of Foreign colonies with India

6).The Rashtrakutas were patrons of
a)    Vaishnavism
b)    Jainism
c)    Shaivism
d)    Buddhism

7).In March 1908, who was elected as the ‘Permanent’ President of the Muslim League?
a)    Syed Ahmadkhan
b)    Nawab Salimullah
c)    Syed Amir Ali
d)    Aga Khan

8).Which of the following was the President of the Congrass at the time of Moderate Extremist Split?
a)    Dinshaw Wacha
b)    Madan Mohan Malaviya
c)    Rashbehari Ghosh
d)    Pherozeshah Mehta

9).When did Muslim League adopt self government as one of its objectives?
a)    1911
b)    1912
c)    1920
d)    1919

10).On the Direct Action Day unprecedented bloodshed took place as a result of Hindu – Muslim riots in
a)    Calcutta
b)    Bombay
c)    Delhi
d)    Dhaka

1). a) 2). d) 3). d) 4). b) 5). a) 6). b) 7). d) 8). c) 9). b) 10). a)

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