Geography - GK Quiz for SSC/FCI Exams

Geography - GK Quiz for SSC/FCI Exams
Geography GK Quiz for RRB/SSC Exams Set-29:
The List of Important GK questions from Geography for RRB/SSC Exams were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC and all other competitive Exams can use this material.

 1).Most Indians belong to the group
a)    Australoid
b)    Negroid
c)    Mongoloid
d)    Caucasoid

2).The largest population of Scheduled Tribes is in
a)    Arunachal Pradesh
b)    Himachal Pradesh
c)    Madhya Pradesh
d)    Sikkim

3).Shifting agriculture is form of
a)    nomadism
b)    subsistence farming
c)    sedantary farming
d)    none of the above

4).Moist tropical evergreen forests are found in
a)    the Siwaliks
b)    the Deccan Plateau
c)    Southern India
d)    The Shillong Plateau

5).Which of the following is not a species of tropical moist deciduous forests?
a)    Teak
b)    Shisham
c)    Sal
d)    Mahagony

6).The country with the highest density is
a)    India
b)    France
c)    Bangladesh
d)    China

7).A pledmont plateau is situated
a)    Admist mountain ranges
b)    Near sea shores
c)    On a clift
d)    At the foot of a mountain

8).Which of the following is not an important condition for growth of coral?
a)    Warm seas
b)    Plenty of sunlight
c)    Clean salt water
d)    Wave – free salt water

9).Loess is _______ soils
a)    volcanic
b)    black cotton
c)    water - deposited
d)    wind - deposited

10).The difference in the duration of day and night increases as one moves from
a)    poles to equator
b)    equator to poles
c)    west to east
d)    east and west of the prime meridian

1). d) 2). c) 3). b) 4). d) 5). d) 6). c) 7). d) 8). d) 9). d) 10). b)

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