General Awareness Quiz – For Railway/SSC Exams

General Awareness Quiz – For Railway and SSC Exams Set-44:
The List of General Awareness questions and answers for SSC and RRB Exams. Candidates those who are all preparing for RRB/SSC and other competitive exams can use this material.

1).A  template is a
a)    Pattern of workshoot
b)    heading
c)    title
d)    theme

2).The discovery of crystal dynamic is associated with
a)    J C Bose
b)    C Ramanujam
c)    C V Raman
d)    Hargovind Khurana

3).Match List I with List II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the list
List I
List II
      A.   Tabla
      1.    Latif shan
      B.   Sitar
      2.    Shujat Hussain
      C.   Shahnai
      3.    Ali Hussain
      D.   Flute
      4.    Pannalal Ghosh

a)    2 3 1 4
b)    4 3 1 2
c)    1 2 3 4
d)     3 2 1 4

4).Which of the following are folk dance of Uttarakhnad?
a)    Garhwali, Jhumelo. Jagar, Chaufula
b)    Garwhali, Nautanki, Jhora, Sohari
c)    Garwhali, Bichhua, Jhora, Sohari
d)    Garwhali, Bichhua, Danga, Sohari

5).Who among the following is a lady Alvar Saint?
a)    Tirupan
b)    Perumal
c)    Madhur Kavi
d)    Andal

6).The famous painting “Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ was prepare by
a)    Mahendranath singh
b)    Nand Kishore Sharma
c)    Sivnanda Nautiyal
d)    Vishwanath Mehta

7).Who scripted Gandhiji’s favourite song “ Vaishnav Jan to .. “?
a)    Narsinh Mehta
b)    Premanand
c)    Chunilal
d)    Dharmiklal

8).The book “ Who is Kalam” is written by
a)    M J Akbar
b)    A P J Abdul Kalam
c)    R Ramanathan
d)    None of the above

9).India’s biggest Nuclear Research Reactor is known as
a)    Kamini
b)    Apsara
c)    Dhurva
d)    Cirus

10).Whcih two countries were involved in a Hundred Years War?
a)    Turkey and Austria
b)    England and France
c)    Palestine and Israel
d)    Germany and Russia

1). a) 2). c) 3). c) 4). a) 5). d) 6). c) 7). a) 8). c) 9). c) 10). b)

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