Science - Physics GK Quiz - for SSC/FCI Exam Set-29

Science - Physics GK Quiz
Science - Physics GK Quiz - for SSC/FCI Exam Set-29:
The list of Important Gk Questions from science physics were given here. Candidates those who are all preparing for SSC / FCI and All other competitive examination can use this material.

1).Cryogenic gases are used in
a)    Power transmission
b)    Transportation of frozen food
c)    Freezing of vaccines
d)    All the above

2).An artificial structure designed for humans to live and work in outer space is known as
a)    Space probe
b)    Space station
c)    Space shuttle    
d)    Satellite   

3).Which one was selected for annual AIAA space 2009 award
a)    Chandrayaan-1   
b)    Chandrayaan-2
c)    Apollo
d)    Skylab

4).The third country going to launch space station is
a)    India    
b)    China
c)    Japan
d)    Canada

5). Mass of an object is 10 kg. What is its weight on the earth
a)    49 N   
b)    25 N
c)    98 N
d)    100 N

6). The potential difference required to pass a current 0.2 A is a wire of resistance 20 ohm is
a)    100 V
b)    4 V
c)    0.01 V
d)    40 V

7). Two electric bulbs have resistances is the ratio 1 : 2. If they are joined in series, the energy consumed in these are in the ratio
a)    1 : 2   
b)    2 : 1
c)    4 : 1
d)    1 : 1

8). Kilowatt-hour is the unit of ___________.
a)    Potential difference
b)    Electric power
c)    Electric energy
d)    Charge

9). ________ surface absorbs more heat than any other surface under identical conditions.
a)    White
b)    Rough
c)    Black   
d)    Yellow

10). The atomic number of natural radioactive element is ______.
a)    Greater than 82
b)    Less than 82
c)    Not defined
d)    At least 92

1). d) 2). b) 3). a) 4). b) 5). c) 6). b) 7). a) 8). c) 9). c) 10). a)

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