Practice English Questions (Error Spot) with Explanations Set-75

Practice English Questions (Error Spot)
Practice English Questions (Error Spot) with Explanations Set-75:
Practice English Questions for upcoming SSC/FCI Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.
1). My boss / offered me / coffee / but I denied it / No Error.
a)    My boss
b)    offered me
c)    coffee
d)    but I denied it
e)    No Error

2). The teacher / said that / the earth revolved / round the Sun. / No Error
a)    The teacher
b)    said that
c)    the earth revolved
d)    round the Sun  
e)    No Error

3).An European / lives / in my area. / No Error
a)    An European   
b)    lives
c)    in my area
d)    No Error

4). Young boys / dislike / to see a film / late in the night. / No Error
a)    Young boys
b)    dislike
c)    to see a film
d)    late in the night
e)    No Error

5). I / could not attend the office / because it was / very hot to-day. / No Error
a)    I  
b)    could not attend the office
c)    because it was
d)    very hot to-day
e)    No Error

6). Ram is smarter / than / any body / in his class / No Error
a)    Ram is smarter
b)    Than
c)    any body
d)    in his class
e)    No Error

7).Sooner than he had arrived / his relatives arranged a reception / in his honour in / the best hotel in town. / No Error
a)    Sooner than he had arrived  
b)    his relatives arranged a reception
c)    in his honour in
d)    the best hotel in town
e)    No Error

8).Modern film techniques / are far superior / than that / employed in the past. / No Error
a)    Modern film techniques
b)    are far superior
c)    than that
d)    employed in the past
e)    No Error

9). I / cannot remember / where I did leave / my green shirts. / No Error
a)    I
b)    cannot remember
c)    where I did leave
d)    my green shirts
e)    No Error

10). There / is plenty of time / to catch the flight. / No error
a)    There
b)    Is plenty of time
c)    to catch the flight
d)    No Error

1). d) 2). c) 3). a) 4). c) 5). c) 6). c) 7). a) 8). c) 9). c) 10). d)


1). ‘declined’ in the place of ‘denied’
Answer: d)
2). ‘revolves’ in the place of ‘revolved’ (universal truth)
Answer: c)
3). ‘A’ in the place of ‘an’
Answer: a)
4). ‘seeing’ in the place of ‘to see’
Answer: c)
5). ‘as’ in the place of ‘because’
Answer: c)
6). ‘anybody else’ in the place of ‘anybody’
Answer: c)
7). ‘No sooner had he arrived than’ in the place of ‘sooner than he had arraied’
Answer: a)
8). ‘to those’ in the place of ‘than that’
Answer: c)
9). ‘where did I leave’ in the place of ‘where I did leave’
Answer: c)
10). No Error
Answer: d)