General Awareness Quiz – For SSC Exams Set-31

General Awareness Quiz –
General Awareness Quiz – For SSC Exams Set-31:
The List of General Awareness questions and answers for SSC and FCI Exams. Candidates those who are all preparing for ssc and other competitive exams can use this material.

1). National income is the
a)    Net national product at market price
b)    Net national product as factor cost
c)    Net domestic product as market price
d)    Net domestic product as factor cost

2). What change will happen to a bowl of ice and water kept at exactly zero degree Celsius?
a)    All ice will melt
b)    All water will become ice
c)     No change will happen
d)     Only a part will melt  

3). Bats can fly in the dark due to
a)    They can see the object in dark
b)    They have weak legs and are likely to attacked by predators
c)    They generate flash of light
d)    They generate ultrasound waves

4).  Who among the following won the ICC cricketer of the year award for 2009?
a)    M.S. Dhoni   
b)    Gauntam Gambhir
c)    Mitchell Johnson
d)    Tillaratne Dilshan

5). At present India is following
a)    Fixed exchange rate   
b)    Floating exchange rate
c)    Pegged up exchange
d)    Pegged down exchange rate

6). A concave lens always forms a image which is
a)    Real and erect
b)    Virtual and erect
c)    Real and inverted
d)    Virtual and inverted

7). Which vitamins require cobalt for its activity?
a)    Vitamin B12
b)    Vitamin D
c)    Vitamin B2
d)    Vitamin A

8).  One of the constituent of tear gas
a)    Ethane
b)    Ethanol
c)    Ether
d)    Chloropicrin

9). The modules of rigidity is the ratio of
a)    Longitudinal stress to longitudinal strain
b)    Volume stress to volume strain
c)    Shearing stress to shearing strain
d)    Tensile stress to tensile strain

10). The propagation of sound waves in gas involves
a)    Adiabatic compression and rarefaction
b)    Isothermal compression and rarefaction
c)    Isochoric compression and rarefaction
d)    Isobaric compression and rarefaction

1). b) 2). c) 3). d) 4). c) 5).b ) 6).b ) 7).a ) 8).b ) 9).b ) 10).a )

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