SSC CHSL -Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) Set-71

 Practice English Questions (Vocabulary)
English Vocabulary  (with meaning and example) Set-71:
English Vocabulary Word were given here with meaning and example. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC and all competitive exams can use this tips.

1.) Damp squib:
Meaning – something that is intended to be exciting, effective, etc., but which is disappointing
Example – The much publicized five point programme turned out to be a damp squib.
a.    Memorable surprise
b.    Thinking deeply
c.    Disappointing excitement
d.    None of these

2.) Damsel:
Meaning – a young, unmarried woman
Example – The damsel excelled in entertaining the guests
a.    Unmarried woman
b.    Married woman
c.    Couple
d.    Young man

3.) Dark Horse:
Meaning – someone, whom people do not know much about, who surprises everyone by winning competition
Example – The unfancied team proved to be the dark horse in the championship.
a.    A person who work for others sake
b.    A person who is afraid for silly things
c.    A person who surprises everyone by winning competition
d.    None of these

4.) Dastardly:
Meaning – very cruel or evil
Example – Everyone condemned the dastardly attack on innocent people.
a.    Good things
b.    Evil things
c.    Exciting things
d.    Surprising things

5.) Daunt:
Meaning – make someone feel afraid or less confident
Example – He was not daunted by the difficulties he had to face
a.    Less confident
b.    Feeling happy
c.    Accepting
d.    Arguing

6.) Debauchery:
Meaning – immoral behavior involving alcohol, drugs, sex, etc
Example – His life of debauchery landed him in prison
a.    A person who is addict of something
b.    A person who kill themselves
c.    A person who read books
d.    A person who do social services

7.) Decelerate:
Meaning – go slower, especially in a vehicle
Example – The car decelerated on entering the busy part of the city
a.    A person who goes faster in vehicle
b.    A person who does not know to drive
c.    A person who goes slowly in vehicle
d.    None of these

8.) Decrepit:
Meaning – old and in bad condition
Example – The school building was in a decrepit condition
a.    Ignorance
b.    Suggestion
c.    Good condition
d.    Bad condition

9.) Decorum:
Meaning – correct behavior that shows respect
Example – The participants are expected to behave with suitable decorum.
a.    Behaves disrespectfully
b.    Behaves in a bad manner
c.    Behaves respectfully
d.    Behaves harshly

10.) Deface:
Meaning – spoil the surface or appearance of something
Example – Several monuments were defaced during the war.
a.    Watery area
b.    Drought
c.    Grass land
d.    Spoil the surface