SSC CHSL -Practice English Questions (One word substitution) Set-70

 Practice English Questions (One word substitution)
SSC CHSL -Practice English Questions (One word substitution) Set-70:
Practice English Questions for upcoming SSC CHSL Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.

Directions (1-10): Out of the four alternatives choose the one word which can be substituted for the given words / Sentence.
1). A poem of fourteen lines
a)    Ballad
b)    Psalm
c)    Sonnet
d)    Carol
2). Incapable of error
a)    Erroneous
b)    Incorrigible
c)    Unbeatable
d)    Infallible
3). One who believes everything he or she hears.
a)    Credulous
b)    Credible
c)    Creditable
d)    Credential
4). An allowance made to a wife by her husband, when they are legally separated.
a)    Alimony
b)    Parsimony
c)    Matrimony
d)    Honorarium
5). Wild imagination
a)    Whim
b)    Fantasy
c)    Fancy
d)    Memory
6).A fictitious name especially one assumed by an author.
a)    Nick name
b)    Pseudonym
c)    Sobriquet
d)    Pet name
7). Animals which suckle their young
a)    Herbivores
b)    Mammals
c)    Carnivores
d)    Omnivores
8). A drug or other substance that induces sleep
a)    Reviver
b)    Stimulant
c)    Energic
d)    Sedative
9). A speech delivered without any preparation
a)    Temporary
b)    Exemplary
c)    Extempore
d)    Contemporary
10). Animals that eat flesh
a)    Herbivorous
b)    Carnivorous
c)    Omnivorous
d)    Insectivorous
1). c)  2). d)  3). a)  4). a)  5). b)  6). b)  7). b)  8). d)  9). c)  10). b)

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