SSC CHSL -Practice English Questions (One word substitution ) Set-66

SSC CHSL -Practice English Questions
SSC CHSL -Practice English Questions (One word Substitution) Set-66:
Practice English Questions for upcoming SSC CHSL Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.

Direction(01-10): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words / sentence.
1). A place where birds are kept
a)    Aviary
b)    House
c)    Aquarium
d)    Apiary

2). That which has a double meaning
a)    Doubtless
b)    uncertain
c)    Controversial
d)    Ambiguous

3). Incapable of making errors
a)    Infallible
b)    Incorrigible
c)    Impervious
d)    Inexplicable

4). Governed by a sense of duty
a)    Conscious
b)    Sensible
c)    Intelligent
d)    Conscientious

5). The depository where state records are documents are preserved
a)    Museum
b)    Library
c)    Emporium
d)    Archive

6). That which is no longer fashionable or in use
a)    Unused
b)    Ancient
c)    Obsolete
d)    Old

7). Murder of a king
a)    Homicide
b)    Fratricide
c)    Regicide
d)    Parricide

8). One who believes in fate
a)    Believer
b)    Fatalist
c)    Agnostic
d)    Scepic

9).One who looks at the bright side of thinks
a)    Pessimist
b)    Pacifist
c)    Optimist
d)    Humanist

10). A list of dishes.
a)    Cuisine
b)    Dessert
c)    Buffet
d)    Menu

1).a)  2).d)  3).a)  4).d)  5).d)  6).c)  7).c)  8). b)  9).c)  10).d) 

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