SSC CHSL- Chemistry GK Questions and Answers Set 22

SSC CHSL- Chemistry GK Questions and Answers
SSC CHSL- Chemistry GK Questions and Answers Set 22:
The List of Important GK questions from general science were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC/FCI Exam can use this material

1).20 Ca40 and 19K 40 are
a)    isomers
b)    isotopes
c)    isobars
d)    isotones

2).Mass number of an element represents
a)    number of protons and neutrons
b)    number of electrons and neutrons
c)    number of protons and electrons
d)    None of these  

3).The acid used in a car battery is
a)    Hydrochloric acid   
b)    Nitric acid
c)    Sulphuric acid
d)    Carbonic acid

4).Bronze is a mixture of
a)    Copper and Zinc  
b)    Copper and Tin
c)    Zinc and Tin
d)    Iron and Copper

5).Tubelight contains which gas?
a)    Sodium vapour with Argon  
b)    Sodium vapour with Neon 
c)    Mercury vapour with Argon
d)    Mercury vapour with Neon

6).The electronic configuration of four elements K, L, M and N are the following
a)    K=1s², 2s², 2p¹
b)    L=1s², 2s²,2p⁶
c)    M=1s², 2s²,2p⁴
d)    N=1s², 2s²,2p²

7).Which among the following is a super conductor above the temperature of liquid nitrogen?
a)    Cu₃ N₆  
b)    Nb₃ Sn
c)    BaCuO₂
d)    Y₁ Ba₂ Cu₃ O₇₋₈

8).Which among the following is not an isotope of hydrogen?
a)    Protein
b)    Deutrium
c)    Yttrium
d)    Tritium

9).The atomicity of a species is ‘x’ and its atomic weight is ‘y’ . The molecular weight of the species will be
a)    x+ y
b)    y/ x
c)     xy  
d)    Y-x

10).Gasoline is obtained from crude petroleum oil by its
a)    Vaccum distillation
b)    Steam distillation
c)    Pyrolysis
d)    Practional distillation

1). c) 2). a) 3). c) 4). b) 5).c ) 6).c ) 7).d ) 8). c) 9).c ) 10). d)

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