Science Chemistry - GK Questions and Answers Set 23

Science Chemistry -
Science Chemistry - GK Questions and Answers Set 23: 
The List of Important GK questions from general science were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC/FCI Exam can use this material

1). Laughing Gas is _________.
a)    Nitric oxide
b)    Nitrous oxide
c)    Nitrogen penta oxide
d)    Nitrogen

2). When an ionic compound of the formula XmYn is dissolved in water then the ions released are
a)    xn+ and ym-
b)    mxn+ and nym-
c)    nxm+ and myn-
d)        mxn-1 and nym+1

3). The process of disintegration of a heavy nucleus is called
a)    Chemical reaction
b)    Chain reaction
c)    Nuclear fusion
d)    Nuclear fission

4). Which among the following fertilizers contains the highest percentage of nitrogen
a)    Calcium ammonium nitrate
b)    Ammonium nitrate
c)    Calcium nitrate
d)    Urea

5). Fog represents which among the following colloidal solutions?
a)    Liquid in gas
b)    Gas in liquid
c)    Solid in gas
d)    Liquid in liquid

6). In the reaction MH4NO2  à N2 + 2H2O the nitrogen of NH4 and NO2
a)    Oxidation and Oxidation
b)    Oxidation and Reduction
c)    Reduction and Oxidation
d)    Reduction and reduction

7). Vinegar is an aqueous solution of which among the following?
a)    Oxalic acid
b)    Citric acid
c)    Acetic acid
d)    Hydrochloric acid

8). The mass number of an element is ‘A’. Its atomic number is ‘Z’. The number of neutrons, protons and electrons present in the atom of this element are repectively
a)    (A-Z), Z, Z
b)    A, Z, Z
c)    Z, Z, (A-Z)
d)    Z, (A-Z), A

9). A neutron, a proton and an alpha particle are moving with the same kinetic energy. The increasing order of their speeds will be
a)    Alpha particle, neutron, proton, electron
b)    Alpha particle, proton, neutron, Electron
c)    Electron, neutron, proton, alpha particle
d)    Proton, neutron, alpha particle, electron

10). Sea water contains more dissolved salts than rain water, because
a)    Rivers bring salts to sea
b)    There are salty rocks inside the sea
c)    The atmosphere around sea is salty
d)    The aquatic animals in sea produce salt


1).b)  2).a)  3).d)  4).d)  5).a)  6).b)  7).c)  8).a)  9).a)  10).a)

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