History –GK Quiz for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam Set-26

History –GK Quiz for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam
History –GK Quiz for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam Set-26:
The lists of important GK questions from Indian History were given here with answers. Candidates those who are all preparing for the SSC and all other competitive examinations can use this material.

1).The Indian princes were given the right of
a)    education
b)    nomination
c)    adoption
d)    freedom

2).A Royal Durbar was held at Allahabad on………..1858.
a)    Nov. 1st
b)    Dec. 1st
c)    Sep. 1st   
d)    Oct. 1st  

3).The Queen’s Proclamation was read by
a)    Bentinck   
b)    Dalhousie
c)    Canning
d)    Lytton

4).The last Governor General of British India was
a)    Lytton   
b)    Curzon
c)    Canning
d)    Wellesley

5).The first Viceroy of India was
a)    Canning  
b)    Dalhousie
c)    Curzon
d)    Lytton

6).The pioneer of the reform movements was
a)    Raja Ram Mohan Roy
b)    Swami Dayanandha Saraswathi
c)    Keshab Chandra Sen
d)    Devendranath Tagore

7).Lord William Bentinck passed an Act in 1829 to abolish Sati due to the efforts of
a)    Mrs. Annie Besant  
b)    Swami Vivekananda
c)    Raja Rammohan Roy
d)    Lala Hansraj

8).Swami Dayanandha Saraswathi started the
a)    Brahmo Samaj
b)    Arya Samaj
c)    Prarthana Samaj
d)    Aligarh movement

9).The headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission is at
a)    Kanchipuram
b)    Belur
c)     Melur
d)    Hampi

10).Vallalar’s devotional songs are compiled in a volume called
a)    Devaram
b)    Thiruvasagam
c)    Ettuthogai
d)    Thiru Arutpa

1). c) 2). a) 3). c) 4).c ) 5).a ) 6). a) 7). c) 8).b ) 9).b ) 10). d)

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