General Awareness Quiz – For SSC CHSL / FCI Exams Set-28

General Awareness Quiz
General Awareness Quiz – For SSC CHSL / FCI Exams Set-28:
The List of General Awareness questions and answers for SSC and FCI Exams. Candidates those who are all preparing for ssc and other competitive exams can use this material.

1). Which one of the following is the most lasting contribution of the Rastrakutas ?
a)    Kailasha Temple
b)    Pampa, Ponna, Ranna, the three writers of Kannada Poetry and Kailasha Temple
c)    Patronage of Jainism
d)    Conquests

2). Ravikirti, a Jain who composed the Aihole Peashasti, was patronizes by
a)    Pulakashi I
b)    Harsha
c)    Pulakeshi II
d)    Kharavela

3). The “Mein Kampf” was written by
a)    Hitler
b)    Mussolini
c)    Bismarck
d)    Mazzini
4). When did the reign of Delhi Sultanate Came to an end?
a)    1498 A.D
b)    1526 A.D
c)    1565 A.D
d)    1600 A.D

5). In the provisional Parliament of India, How many members were there?
a)    296
b)    313
c)    318
d)    316

6). It was decided to observe Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday October 2 as International Nonviolence Day at
a)    International Indology Conference
b)    Satyagraha Centenary Conference
c)    Congress Foundation Day Celebration
d)    None of These

7). ISRO’s Master Control Facility is in
a)    Andhra Pradesh
b)    Orissa
c)    Gujarat
d)    Karnataka

8). India is the largest producer and exporter of
a)    Cotton
b)    Copper
c)    Tea
d)    Mica

9). The soils which are rich in Calcium are known as
a)    Pedocals
b)    Pedalfers
c)    Podsols
d)    Laterites

10). Cultivable land is defined as
a)    Land actually under crops
b)    Cultivable waste land + fallow land
c)    Old fallow lands + current fallow lands
d)    Total fallow lands + net sown area

1). b)   2).c)   3).a)   4).b)   5).b)   6).b)   7).d)   8).c)   9).a)   10).d)

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