SSC CHSL/CGL Mains-Practice English Questions (One word Substitution) Set-57

SSC CHSL/CGL Mains-Practice English Questions (One word Substitution
SSC CHSL/CGL Mains-Practice English Questions (One word Substitution) Set-57:
Practice English Questions for upcoming SSC CGL and CHSL Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.

Bigamy         -           The crime of having two life partners at a time.
Balmaccan -           A type of man's overcoat.
Buccal          -           Of the check of the sides of the mouth.
Bevy              -           Group of girls or women larks. Flocks of quail.
Bellicose    -           Ready to fight.
Ballistics   -           Science dealing with the motion of projectile like rockets bombs & shells.
Barometer   -           An apparatus used for measuring the atmospheric pressure.
Blood Transfusion-  The process the transfusing blood of one person into blood stream of another person.
Barbarism    -           Mixed Language
Benefactor  -           Kindly helper. One who makes a request or endowment.
Bibliographer-           One who writes big books.
Bibliography -           A list of books with details of authorship, editions, subject etc.
Bibliophile    -           A lover book
Biblophile     -           One who loves the study of books.
Benevolent -           Kind hearted
Bifurcate      -           Divided into two branches.
Ballad                     -           A short narrative poem - adopted for writing and sighning.
Biography    -           Life of a person written by somebody.
Bureaucracy -           A gout in which the whole power is vested in officials.
Biologist      -           One who studies the science of animals and plants.
Biota             -           Animal and plant life of a religion or period.
Bygamist      -           One who has two wives.
Boycott         -           To obstain from buying or using
Boycott         -           Unite to punish a person from association.
Black Box    -           An apparatus which records the fight data of an aero plane and is also a voice recorder.
Bilingual      -           Spoken or written in two languages.
Blackbinding-  Kidnapping for selling into slavery.
Boat Wrighter-       Wagon maker
Blasphemer- One who speakes evil - Impcous one - irrevirent one.
Bolo               -           Large single - adged military knife - Machete
Brettle           -           Easily broken
Butcher         -           One whose business to a slaughter cattle for food.
Botanist        -           One who studies the science of plants

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