SSC CHSL -Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) Set-61

 Practice English Questions (Vocabulary)
SSC CHSL -Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) Set-61:
Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

1.) Crescent:
Meaning – a curved shape wider in the middle and pointed at ends.
Example – There is a superstitious belief that sighting the moon shaped like a crescent brings bad luck.
a.    Rectangle shape
b.    Curved shape
c.    Square shape
d.    Cuboids

2.) Cryptography:
Meaning – the study of secret writing and codes
Example – A unit in the secret service specializes in cryptography.
a.    Secrete writing
b.    Essay writing
c.    Examples
d.    None of these

3.) Culinary:
Meaning – connected with cooking
Example – We enjoyed the culinary delights of Kerala
a.    Watching T.V
b.    Dancing
c.    Playing
d.    Cooking

4.) Cussed:
Meaning – behaving in a deliberately unhelpful way
Example – John is very unpopular because of his cussed behavior
a.    Unhelpful way
b.    Helping others
c.    Useful way
d.    Behaving in unkind manner

5.) Cyber:
Meaning – connected with computers or a message on the internet.
Example – There is a special wing of the police dealing with cyber crime.
a.    Message on radio
b.    Message on internet
c.    Message on Television
d.    Message on newspaper

6.) Canine:
Meaning – being or related to dogs
Example – The old woman lived with a canine companion
a.    Being with dogs
b.    Being with cats
c.    Being with cats
d.    Being with human beings

7.) Cannibal:
Meaning – someone who eats human flesh
Example – Some of the aborigines were wrongly accused of being cannibals.
a.    Person who eats fish
b.    Person who eats snake
c.    Person who eats human flesh
d.    Person who hats non vegetarian

8.) Canonical:
Meaning – related to Christian church
Example – The man denied breaking canonical laws
a.    Church
b.    Temple
c.    House
d.    Garden

9.) Capitulate:
Meaning – accept or agree to agree to something that you have been opposing until now.
Example – Reena capitulated and agreed to do a course in management
a.    Unwilling to agree Something
b.    Opposing something
c.    Arguing
d.     Planning

10.) Cavernous:
Meaning – large and deep
Example – There was a cavernous swimming pool behind the mansion.
a.    Small
b.    Large
c.    Tall
d.    Huge