SSC CHSL- Practice English Questions (Idioms and Phrases) Set-60

SSC CHSL- Practice English Questions (Idioms and Phrases)
SSC CHSL -Practice English Questions (Idioms and Phrases) Set-60:
Practice English Questions for upcoming SSC CGL and CHSL Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.

Select the correct meaning of the idioms/ phrases from given alternates.
1).Dispense with
a)    Differentiate
b)    To do with out
c)    Able to differentiate
d)    To spilt up

2).Draw the line at
a)    Deadline
b)    Maximum limit
c)    To fix the limit beyond which one will not go   
d)     Came to end

3).Feather one’s nest
a)    To become rich   
b)    To earn money in a honest way
c)    To make oneself rich in a dishonest way
d)    Equally rich

4).Flingup one’s hands in horror.
a)    To give up forcibly   
b)    To express the sense of horror
c)    To realize the shock
d)    To fill or add

5).Spice up
a)    To spend money in a legal way 
b)    To enliven
c)    To speak loudly
d)    Give evidence for

6).Be in the mire
a)    Be in difficulties
b)    Be in love
c)    Be happy
d)    Be in problems

7).To chew the end
a)    To celebrate  
b)    Appropriate
c)    To think deeply
d)    To be annoyed

8).To scale up
a)    To measure
b)    To weight
c)    To speak about
d)    To keep silent

9).Sigh on the dotted line
a)    To sign an agreement
b)    To calm down slowly
c)     To accept conditions fully and willingly  
d)     To accept an insult

10).Slip through one’s fingers
a)    To escape
b)    To make a silly mistake
c)    To fail to grasp something through carelessness
d)    To go away

1). b) 2).c ) 3).c ) 4).b ) 5).b ) 6).a ) 7).c ) 8). a) 9).c ) 10).c )

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