SSC CGl Mains - Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) Set-51

SSC CGl Mains - Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) Set-51
SSC CGl Mains - Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) Set-51
Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC and all competitive exams can use this tips.

1.) Contaminate:
Meaning – make a place or substance dirty and dangerous by adding something to it.
Example – The effluents from the factory contaminated the river water.
a.    Air pollution
b.    Water pollution
c.    Noise pollution
d.    None of these

2.) Contemplate:
Meaning – think about something you intend to do in the future
Example – I have never contemplated taking up a job abroad
a.    Feeling happy
b.    Unwanted activity
c.    Interrupting
d.    Thinking about future

3.) Contention:
Meaning – an opinion that someone expresses
Example – The main contention of the speaker was that scientists should do more original research
a.    Expressing Something
b.    Exploring
c.    Avoiding
d.    Agreeing

4.) Contretemps:
Meaning – an argument an embarrassing event
Example – The minister had a contretemps with the secretary.
a.    Explaining
b.    Research
c.    Assemble
d.    Argument

5.) Contrite:
Meaning – feeling guilty and sorry for something bad
Example – The thief felt contrite after listening to the religious discourse.
a.    Feeling sorry
b.    Feeling Shy
c.    Feeling Happy
d.    Feeling Sad

6.) Conundrum:
Meaning – a confusing and difficult problem
Example – This is a real conundrum, let us consult more people.
a.    Standard mind
b.    Change of manner
c.    People who faces problems
d.    Feeling sad

7.) Converge:
Meaning – come from different directions and meet at the same point
Example – The streams converged to form a river.
a.    Different directions
b.    Same location
c.    Places
d.    Direction

8.) Convoluted:
Meaning – complicated and difficult to understand
Example – The document was written in convoluted language.
a.    Difficult to understand
b.    Explaining clearly
c.    Elaborating
d.    Making fun of others

9.) Convulsion:
Meaning – an act of shaking violently and uncontrollably because you are ill
Example – The child was in convulsion due to high fever.
a.    Feeling healthy
b.    Tired
c.    Illness
d.    Head ache

10.) Crave:
Meaning – have an extremely strong desire for something, especially a drug
Example – Most politicians crave for publicity
a.    A person who is addict for something
b.    A person who hates someone
c.    A person who feels sick