SSC CGL Mains - Practice English Questions (Cloze Test) Set-50

Practice English Questions (Cloze Test) for SSC CGL Exams
SSC CGl Mains - Practice English Questions (Cloze Test) Set-50:
The List of Practice English Questions for upcoming SSC Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.

In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested. One of which fits the blank correctly. Find out the correct word in each case.

PASSAGE 1: When the astrologer was about to go home, there came a (1). He forced the astrologer to read his palm. He gave (2) details of the strangers native place and important events in his life. Immediately the stranger was (3). The astrologer told him that the (4) whom be had been searching for was already killed in a lorry accident. He (5) the stranger to go home.

a)    stranger
b)    client
c)    man
d)    rogue
e)    vagabond

a)    accurate
b)    correct
c)     fair  
d)     Exact
e)    full

a)    surprised   
b)    amazed
c)    thrilled
d)    shocked
e)    happy

a)    friend   
b)    relative
c)    enemy
d)    man
e)    fellow

a)    suggested
b)    asked
c)    told
d)    advised
e)    directed

PASSAGE 2 :Bilding a house is a (6) necessity than a dream. People are quite (7) with paying (8) sums of money as monthly rent. (9) find it difficult to (10) the house with the limited income.

a)    good
b)    find
c)    true
d)    real
e)    worth

a)    depressed
b)    Fed up
c)    disgusted
d)    worried
e)    tired

a)    good
b)    big
c)    huge
d)    large
e)    small

a)    people
b)    they
c)     the man  
d)    The family
e)    all

a)    pay
b)    co-operate
c)    meet
d)    run
e)    manage

1). a)   2).d )   3). b)  4).c )  5).d )   6).d )   7). b)    8).c )   9).b )   10).e )

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