SSC CGL Mains-Practice English Questions (Cloze Test) Set-55

SSC CGL Mains-Practice English Questions (Cloze Test)
SSC CGL Mains-Practice English Questions (Cloze Test) Set-55:
Practice English Questions for upcoming SSC Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.

PASSAGE 1: Kashmir is 1 as the Switzerland of India. It has 2 lakes and gardens, is surrounded by mountains and has a number of hill stations that 3 thousands of tourists every year. Most visitors visit the valley of Kashmir in 4. Some of the people love winter sports like skating, boating etc, Kashmiris 5 tea with salt in it especially in the afternoons.

a)    like
b)    famous
c)    good
d)    known
e)    beautiful

a)    many
b)    long
c)    beautiful   
d)     pretty
e)    deep

a)     attract
b)    attend
c)    invite
d)    receive
e)    pull

a)    winter   
b)    summer
c)    spring
d)    autumn
e)    all seasons

a)      drink
b)    take
c)    swallow
d)    give
e)    supply

PASSAGE 2: People prefer 1 types of exercises to keep their body healthy walking is also a very good 2. It needs neither any special instrument nor any training. A man who walks need not depend on a 3. He walks with or without company. A man walks when it 4 him and nothing gives him 5 than walking.

a)    some
b)    various
c)    all
d)    different
e)    many

a)    exercise
b)    game
c)    plan
d)    project
e)    idea

a)    company
b)    friend
c)    companion
d)    stock
e)    associate

a)    helps
b)    makes
c)       plays
d)    Pleases
e)    displease

a)    satisfaction
b)    pleasure
c)    happy
d)    joy
e)    gay

1). d) 2).c ) 3).a ) 4). b) 5).a ) 6).d ) 7).a ) 8).b ) 9). a) 10).d )

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