Practice Reasoning Questions for SSC / FCI Exam

Practice Reasoning Questions with answer
Practice Reasoning Questions for SSC / FCI Exam Set-17:
List of Practice Reasoning questions and answer are given here for SSC / FCI exams and all other competitive exams.

1).If SPARK is coded as TOBSL, what will be the code for FLAME?
a)    GMBNF
b)    GNBNF
c)    GMCND
d)    GMBMF

2).After interchanging + and +, 12 and 18, which one of the following equations become correct?
a)    (90×18)+18 =60
b)    (18+6)+12 =2
c)    (72+18)×18 =72
d)    (12+6)×18 =36

3).Find out which of the diagrams given in the alternatives correctly represents the relationship stated in the equation.
Sharks, Whales, Turtles

4).What is the missing number in the third target?
     5      9     15
    16     29     ?
    49    89   147
a)    45
b)    48
c)    51
d)    54

5).In a class room, there are 5 rows and 5 children ABCD and E were seated one behind the other in 5 separate rows as follows:
A sitting behind C but in front of B.
C is sitting behind E.D is sitting in front of E.
The order in which they are sitting from the first to the last is
a)    DECAB
b)    BACED
c)    ACBDE
d)    ABEDC

6).Little wooden cube each with a side of one inch are put together to form a solid cube with a side of three inches. This big cube is then painted red all over on the outside. When the big cube is broken up into original little ones. How many cubes will have paint on two sides?
a)    4
b)    8
c)    12
d)    0

7). K is a place which is located 2 km away in the north west direction from the capital P. R is another place that is located in 2 km away in south-west direction from K. M is another place and that is located 2 km away north west direction from R. T is yet another place that is located 2 km away in the south-west direction from M. in which direction is T is located in relation to P?
a)    South west
b)    Northwest
c)    West
d)    North

8). Which answer figure is the exact mirror image of the given question figure when the mirror is held from the right at PQ?

9).From the given answer figures select the one in which the question figure is hidden/embedded in the same direction.
Question Figure:

10).How many triangles are there in the following figures?

a)    11
b)    13
c)    9
d)    15

1). a)   2). d)   3). c)   4). b)   5). a)   6). b)   7). c)   8). c)   9). d)   10). b)

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