Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) for SSC CGL Exams Set-45

Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) for SSC  CGL Exams
Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) with Explanation for SSC  CGL Exams Set-45:
The Practice English Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC Exam and all competitive exams can use this.

1.) Ascent
Meaning: the act of rising
Example: He made a successful ascent of the mountains.

2.) Assent
Meaning: Approval
Example: We are waiting for the director to give his assent.

3.) Assay
Meaning: to try or experiment
Example: We shall assay the ascent of the mountain.

4.) Conscious
Meaning: aware of one’s self
Example: The injured person is conscious.

5.) Conscience
Meaning: Sense of right thinking, behavior etc
Example: My conscience urges me to help the poor.

6.) Accede
Meaning: to agree to a suggestion.
Example: The supervisor graciously acceded to my request.

7.) Concede
Meaning: to admit as true, or proper, often unwillingly
Example: The Government conceded defeat as soon as the election results were known.

8.) Adapt
Meaning: to make or become suitable for new needs, different conditions etc.
Example: He adapted an old car engine to fit his boat.

9.) Elude
Meaning: to escape from
Example: It is almost impossible for one to elude income tax officers.

10.) Allusion
Meaning: the act of speaking about something indirectly.