Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) for SSC CGL Exams Set-44

Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) for SSC  CGL Exams
Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) with Explanation for SSC  CGL Exams Set-44:
The Practice English Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC Exam and all competitive exams can use this. 

1.) Stationary
Meaning: Standing still
Example: In olden days, it was thought that the earth was stationary.

2.) Stationery
Meaning: Writing Materials.
Example: Get the paper from the stationery store.

3.) Proceed
Meaning: to go ahead
Example: Now, we can proceed further in the case.

4.) Precede
Meaning: to come before
Example: What were the circumstances that preceded his wife’s murder?

5.) Persecute
Meaning: to make life miserable for someone.
Example: Indians are persecuted in South Africa.

6.) Prosecute
Meaning: to conduct a criminal investigation.
Example: The prosecution has miserably failed to prove the charges.

7.) Supercede
Meaning: to replace
Example: The Madras Corporation was superceded by the appointment of an officer.

8.) Lightning
Meaning: Flashes of light accompanies by thunder.
Example: Summer storms always produce lightning bolts.

9.) Lightening
Meaning: it is the present participle of lighten
Example: He removed the box from the carriage: It has resulted in lightening the carriage.

10.) Forth
Meaning: Forward
Example: They went forth as soldiers.

11.) Fourth
Meaning: Comes after third
Example: The fourth July is our wedding day.

12.) Formally
Meaning: in a formal way
Example: The letter of introduction was formally written.

13.) Formerly
Meaning: at an earlier time
Example: He was formerly a member of the parliament.

14.) Flout
Meaning: to insult
Example: The Minister flouted the authority of the Prime Minister.

15.) Flaunt
Meaning: to make a display of