Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) for SSC CGL Exams Set-48

Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) for SSC CGL Exams
Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) for SSC CGL Exams Set-48:
The Practice English Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC Exam and all competitive exams can use this.

1.) Complicity:
Meaning -a process in which someone is involved in a crime or illegal activity together with other people.
Example – The minister denied complicity in the matter.
a.    Illegal activity
b.    Social service
c.    Helping tendency
d.    Giving money

2.) Conciliatory:
Meaning –doing something that is intended to make someone stop arguing with you.
Example – The conciliatory approach of the management helped in solving the problem.
a.    Arguing   
b.    Counseling      
c.    Distracting
d.    Explaining

3.) Condominium:
Meaning – a building with several apartments each of which is owned by the people living in it.
Example – I bought a small flat in a large condominium.
a.    Buying flat
b.    Own flat
c.    Rent
d.    House

4.) Condone:
Meaning – accept or forgive behavior that is morally wrong.
Example – The use of violence can never be condoned.
a.    Respect
b.    Ignore
c.     Punishment
d.    Forgive

5.) Confound:
Meaning – confuse and surprise people by being unexpected
Example – A question from a student confounded the teacher.
a.    Surprise
b.    Aspect
c.    Aware
d.    Helping

6.) Conglomeration:
Meaning - a group of many different things gathered together.
Example – The visiting team was confronted by a conglomeration of facts and claims.
a.    Assembled together
b.    Separated
c.    Formation
d.    Practice

7.) Connoisseur:
Meaning – someone who knows a lot about something such as art, food, music, etc
Example – He is a connoisseur of Chinese cuisine.
a.    Expertise
b.    Intelligent
c.    Expressive
d.    Exposing

8.) Conservation:
Meaning – the protection of natural things such as animals, plants, forests, etc
Example – Conservation of nature is an important issue today.
a.    Saving
b.    Protecting
c.    Different
d.    Collecting

9.) Conspicuous:
Meaning – very easy to notice, especially because they are different from everything or everyone around.
Example – He was conspicuous with his large turban.
a.    Attractive
b.    Different
c.    Ordinary
d.    Special

10.) Consumerism:
Meaning – the idea or belief that the buying and selling of products is the most important or useful activity
Example – Consumerism is the hallmark of the urban middle class.
a.     Selling
b.     Profit
c.     Loss
d.    Buy Goods or Services