Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) for SSC CGL Exams Set-42

Practice English Questions (Vocabulary) for SSC  CGL Exams Set-42:
Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC Exam and all competitive exams can use this tips. 

1.) Cacophony
Meaning - a loud, unpleasant mixture of sound.
Example - It was difficult to hear anything in the cacophony in the hall
a.    Song
b.    Music
c.    Noisy
d.    Rhythm

2.) Cadaver
Meaning - a dead human body
Example – The pale man looked like walking cadaver.
a.    Alive
b.    Death
c.    Birth
d.    Marriage

3.) Calumny
Meaning - an untrue and unfair statement about someone intended to defame him.
Example – You should not indulge in calumny to denigrate your opponents.
a.    Fake
b.    Truth
c.    Belief
d.    Promise

4.) Cameo
Meaning – a short appearance in a film or play by a well known actor
Example – Amitabh Bachchan appeared in a cameo role as an army officer.
a.    Short role
b.    Hero
c.    Big role
d.    Comedian

5.) Chicanery
Meaning – the use of clever plans or actions to deceive people
Example – The intervention of the court prevented chicanery in the matter.
a.    Clever action
b.    Litigation
c.    Deception
d.    gluttony

6.) Cogent
Meaning – reasonable and persuasive
Example – The cogent arguments presented by the scientist convinced the public of the truthfulness of his case.
a.    Intimate
b.    Attractive
c.    False
d.    Reasonable

7.) Capricious
Meaning – likely to change your mind suddenly or behave in an unexpected way
Example – Her capricious behavior made it difficult for people to judge her.
a.    Sudden changes
b.    Doubtful behavior
c.    Arrogant
d.    Heavenly

8.) Compliant
Meaning – willing to obey or agree to other people’s wisher and demands
Example – after initial hesitation, he became a complaint member of the team.
a.    Obeying
b.    Innocence
c.    Defiance
d.    Incense

9.) Caveat
Meaning – a warning that you may pay attention to something before you take a decision
Example – Ignoring all caveats, they advanced to the scene of the tragedy.
a.    Speaking
b.    Friendly
c.    Warning
d.    Acting

10.) Castigate
Meaning – criticize or punish someone severely
Example – He was castigated for his role in the rebellion
a.    Examine
b.    Respect
c.    Honor
d.    Punishment