Practice English Questions (Idioms & Phrases) for SSC CGL Exams Set-46

Practice English Questions (Idioms & Phrases) for SSC CGL Exams
Practice English Questions (Idioms & Phrases) for SSC CGL Exams Set-46:
The Practice English Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC Exam and all competitive exams can use this.

Direction (01-05): Four alternatives are given for the idiom/ phrases given in Bold Letters in the sentence choose the one which expresses the meaning of idiom/ phrases perfectly.
1).The board of directors meeting ended in smoke.
a)    To catch fire
b)    No ending
c)    To give no practical result
d)    To fall

2).He choose the life partner of his own accord.
a)    Unwillingly
b)    Willingly
c)    At his desire   
d)    By forcible action

3).Most of the villagers are still in a fool’s paradise.
a)    Living in illusions
b)    Live happily
c)    To live in the midst of idiots
d)    With happy ideas

4).The result of the examination dashed her hopes
a)    Bring failure
b)    Disappointed
c)    Frustrate
d)    Bring harmony

5).The order disqualifying the promotion of the clerk is kept in abeyance.
a)    Secret
b)    Open to all
c)    In no time
d)    In suspension

Direction (06-10): Select the correct meaning of the idioms/ phrases from given alternates.

6).Beef up
a)    Weeken
b)    To strengthen
c)    To care
d)    Aimlessly

7).Blow hot and cold
a)    Permanent
b)    Temporary
c)    To be constantly changing
d)    To develop

8).Catch one’s breath
a)    Shock or amazement
b)    Stop breathing
c)    Happy mood
d)    Fearful thoughts

9).Look one’s goose
a)    Experience
b)    include
c)    to put an end to one’s hopes   
d)    cause destruction to

10).Do away with
a)    Destroy
b)    Explode
c)    Remove
d)    Eradicate

1). c) 2). b) 3). a) 4).c ) 5). d) 6). b) 7). c) 8).a ) 9).c ) 10). a)

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