History –GK Quiz for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam Set-25

History –GK Quiz for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam
History –GK Quiz for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam Set-25:
The lists of important GK questions from Indian History were given here with answers. Candidates those who are all preparing for the SSC and all other competitive examinations can use this material.

1).Lord Dalhousie’s………created fear and uneasiness in India.
a)    Doctrine of Lapse
b)    Dual system
c)    Permanent revenue system
d)    Mansabdari System

2).Nana Saheb was the adopted son of
a)    Baji Rao Ⅱ
b)    Baja Rao Ⅰ
c)     Madhav Rao  
d)     Balaji Vishwanath

3).The…………..became the immediate cause of the mutiny.
a)    Revenue system   
b)    Resumption of rent free land
c)    Greased cartridges
d)    Spread of western culture

4).The Barrackpore Infantry was transferred to
a)    Delhi   
b)    Bombay
c)    Madras
d)    Meerut

5).Tantia Tope was the able……….of Nana Sahib
a)    Leader  
b)    Friend
c)    Commander
d)    Ruler

6).Nana Sahib was defeated by
a)    Colin Campbell
b)    John Lawrence
c)    Nicholson
d)    Col. Neil

7).Bahadur Shah Ⅱ was exiled to………..
a)    Andaman  
b)    Lakshadweep
c)    Rangoon
d)    Malaya

8).Rani Lakshmi Bai  led the revolt in…….
a)    Central India
b)    Bihar
c)    Lucknow
d)    Kanpur

9).At Bareilly……..was declared as Governor
a)    Mangal Panday
b)    Tantia Tope
c)     Rohila Chief  
d)    Kunwar Singh

10).The great revolt put an end to Company’s rule in……….
a)    1848
b)    1858
c)    1868
d)    1898

1). a)   2). a)   3). c)   4). d)   5). c)   6). a)   7). c)   8). a)   9).c )   10).b )

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