English Daily Quiz - Practice Question (Vocabulary) for SSC Exam Set-38

English Daily Quiz - Practice Question (Vocabulary) for SSC Exam
English Daily Quiz - Practice Question (Vocabulary) for SSC Exam Set-38:
The list of English practice Questions and answers are given here for SSC CGL Tier-II, FCI and all other competitive exams

Find Most SIMILAR WORD in given Below alternatives:

1.) Backgammon
Meaning: a game for two players using flat, round pieces and dice on a special board.
Example: We enjoyed playing backgammon.
a.    Backgammon
b.    Connected
c.    Opportunities
d.    Resolutions

2.) Balaclava
Meaning: a warm, woolen hat that covers most of your head and face.
Example: In cold countries, people wear balaclavas during winter.
a.    Plant
b.    Coat
c.    Hat
d.    Socks

3.) Bankrupt
Meaning: unable to pay your debts
Example: Several court cases left him bankrupt.
a.    Rich
b.    Poor
c.    Careless
d.    Industrious

4.) Beleaguered
Meaning: having many difficulties, especially because everyone is criticizing you.
Example: The beleaguered minister decided to resign.
a.    Under attack
b.    Abnormal
c.    Criminal
d.    Stoic

5.) Bequeath
Meaning: officially arrange for someone to have something that you own, after your death
Example: He bequeathed his large collection of books to the college library.
a.    Give
b.    Receive
c.    Forego
d.    Lose

6.) Boisterous
Meaning: of someone, especially a child making a log to noise and having a log of energy
Example: The teacher had difficulty controlling the class of boisterous children.
a.    Childish
b.    Suave
c.    Noisy
d.    Ultimate

7.) Boorish
Meaning: a man who behaves in a rude way
Example: People avoided him because of his boorish behavior
a.    Unattractive
b.    Wild
c.    Forgetful
d.    Insensitive

8.) Boulevard
Meaning: a wide road in a town unusually with trees along the sides
Example: It was a pleasure driving along the boulevard.
a.    Modern-minded
b.    Extremely rich
c.    Middle class
d.    Thoughtless.

9.) Carnage
Meaning: the killing and wounding of lots of people, especially in a war.
Example: The scene of the carnage was shocking.
a.    Flower garden
b.    Battle field
c.    Destruction of life
d.    Insensitivity

10.) Caustic
Meaning: Criticizing unkindly but often humorously
Example: The speaker’s caustic remarks invited loud protests.
a.    Irrational
b.    Unkind
c.    Ludicrous
d.    inherent