Quantitative Aptitude Q & A for SSC CGL Mains/FCI Exam Practice Set-14

Quantitative Aptitude Q & A for SSC CGL Mains/FCI Exam Practice
Quantitative Aptitude Q & A for SSC CGL Mains/FCI Exam Practice Set-14:
The list of practice Aptitude Questions with Answers from trigonometry with Formula for SSC CGL Mains / FCI Exams were given here, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this practice questions.

1).The sum of ages of father and son is 48 years. After 21 years, father’s age will be twice the age of his son. What is their percent age?
a)    9
b)    8
c)    4
d)    7

2).A tap can fill a tank in 25 minutes and another can empty it in 50 minutes. If both are opened simultaneously when will the tank be filled?
a)    60 min
b)    40 min
c)    50 min
d)    25 min

3).Two tops A and B can separately fill a cistern with water in 2 ½ hrs and 3 ¾ hrs. respectively. If the taps are opened for an hour alternatively starting with A, B and C in how many hours will the tank be filled.
a)    24 hrs
b)    18 hrs
c)    16 hrs
d)    20 hrs

4).The sum of ages of A and B is now 110 years old and their age 20 years ago were in the ratio 4:3.What is the age of A?
a)    40 years
b)    65 years
c)    38 years
d)    60 years

5).A tank can be filled by a tap in 20 min and by another tap in 60 min. Both the taps are kept open for 10 min. and then the first tap is shut off. When will the tank be completely filled in.
a)    20 min
b)    40 min
c)    24 min
d)    36 min

6).The sum of the present ages of father and son is 90. After ten years, their ages will be in the ratio 13:9. What is the present age of the son.
a)    16 years
b)    28 years
c)    35 years
d)    40 years

7).Two taps take 2 hours and 3 hours respectively to fill a cistern. When the waste pipe is also left open with the two taps, the cistern is filled in 6 hours. In what time the waste pipe alone can empty the full cistern.
a)    ½ hr
b)    2/7hrs
c)    4/7 hrs
d)    3/2hrs

8).A cistern is normally filled in 8 hrs but takes 2 hrs longer to filled because of a leak in its bottom. If the cistern is full, in how many hours will the leak empty the tank?
a)    49 hrs
b)    20 hrs
c)    24 hrs
d)    12 hrs

9).The age of Gopal’s father is 4 times of his age. If 5 years ago father’s age was 7 times of the age of his son at that time, what is Gopal’s age?
a)    26 yrs.
b)    42 yrs.
c)    40 yrs.
d)    24 yrs.

10).The sum of the ages of a father and son is 45 yrs. Five years ago, the product of their ages was four times the father’s age at that time. What is the present age of the father?
a)    60 years
b)    42 years
c)    28 years
d)    36 years

1). a) 2). c) 3). b) 4). d) 5). a) 6). c) 7). d) 8). a) 9). c) 10). d)

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